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Internet gamers certainly enjoy playing their video game of choice, but they also enjoy being part of a thriving community of like-minded people. At CandyGolf, we pride ourselves on cultivating a web community full of helpful tips and talk, interesting message boards, and multimedia expert advice. The online gamers in our little community value their special place in the vast world of the Internet, and are very welcoming and open to any new members.

P2P Gaming Opportunities

Many people join CandyGolf to find teammates to play free online games with. One of the reasons our community is so tightly knit is that many members consistently game together, or point each other in the right direction to find willing partners. Free-to-play games are exploding in popularity on the Internet, mainly because there is no barrier to entry. Avid players can pay up for ancillary items and secondary equipment, but casual players can simply log in and play away!

Resources for Gamers

One of the major benefits of our site is that we are able to combine the knowledge of all of our active members into a fairly impressive online gaming information database. Tips and tricks for playing thousands of online games are at your fingertips on this website, and with such a large community, it is basically a guarantee that someone has already experienced what you are currently struggling with.

We provide guidebooks and handy tip sheets for many popular online games, such as Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls Online, and our forums are consistently exploding with active chats and in-depth discussions about nuances in online gaming. Struggling through a game by yourself can be satisfying, but using the community’s resources to ease your gameplay can save you a ton of stress and time.

Sales and Deals

Another important aspect of CandyGolf is notifying members about sales, deals or promotions going on at a moment’s notice. These sales are often over as soon as they begin, and it is important to receive updates if a particular game or piece of equipment is on sale. Keeping your ear to the ground is difficult work, and knowing about an in-game currency sale or a Steam bundle can make your week or even your month! Playing games with your friends is always more fun when you have more access to online and real-world resources, so let us notify you when you can acquire them for cheap.

Multimedia Platforms

Our site goes beyond the simple message board format, and we pride ourselves on our podcast and live streaming options. Detailed podcasts make it easier to learn about a game or a particular gaming culture, and live stream applications make it easier to master a mission or technique. Communicating with experts invariably improves your personal gaming skills, which is exactly what we are trying to accomplish with CandyGolf.

Being part of an online community is a fun way to improve your skills, meet new potential teammates, and participate in exciting conversations about the world of online gaming.